Not-So Wordless Wednesdsay: Creatures

I know I haven't updated in a while, but with the daylight savings time change, school volunteer work, review blogging, birthday parties and nicer weather (which translates to more outdoor time), Bonggamom Finds is getting neglected again! We did find some time to visit the Aquarium of the Bay last Sunday, and since today is Wordless Wednesday, I'm leaving you with some photos of the weird and wonderful creatures we encountered at the aquarium:

Hello, human. Welcome to the San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay. I'm just the first of the bizarre creatures you're going to see. Or, if I could just figure out how to remove this invisible barrier and sting you, I could be the last thing you ever see....

Okay, these bat rays are just bizarre. I thought their eyes were supposed to be on the tops of their heads, yet you can clearly see a humanoid face on its underside. Maybe he got a tat?

When I see jellyfish, I think, beautiful but deadly. When my kids see jellyfish, they think, oooh, can I touch? Didn't they learn anything from Finding Nemo?

I pasted the little cartoon octopus onto this photo to cover up the glare of the flash shining on the aquarium glass. Also to show everyone how the cartoon version is so not like the real version. Check out the crab in the jar; we saw a video of an octopus actually twisting the jar cover open so he could get to the crab! I wonder if the octopus would try to twist the dome off if he saw Jammy standing underneath it?

After seeing all those weird-looking, slimy creatures, it was nice to find a cute and cuddly creature for a change. Oh, yeah, and that gecko-thingy is kind of cute, too.

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