What to make for a bakesale when the cupboard is bare

The Pea announced on Tuesday afternoon that her class was holding a bake sale the next day. I promised to contribute. Lesson of the day: when a bake sale is sprung on you with absolutely no warning, if you commit to supplying said bake sale with baked goods, then make sure you have the proper ingredients or be willing to haul your ass to the grocery store to get them. Alas, I did neither, so I was forced to improvise.
She wanted me to make a blueberry coffeecake. Sorry, kid, no blueberries. What about brownies? No, she said; too ordinary, everyone's going to do that. Caramel turtle brownies? No caramels. And it turns out, eggs -- so no baked goods at all. Marshmallow Krispy treats on a stick? Cute idea, but no marshmallows. Finally, I pulled one out of thin air -- popcorn balls! Just popcorn, corn syrup (which miraculously appeared in the cupboard) and sugar. I even found a recipe online for Jello Popcorn Balls and used up the very last box of Jello. Et voila, I presented The Pea with nine sticky, neon pink popcorn balls on a stick.
They were a hit.
I am so the MacGyver of bake sales.


Nicole said...

That is awesome!
You so rock!

Asianmommy said...

What a perfect treat! I bet everyone loved them.