The Soap Nazi

Last Friday the boys and I dropped The Pea off at a birthday party. The party was held at a quaint little soap shop, full of dainty sweet-smelling soaps. On the way out we passed by a basket filled with small bits of soap and the sign "Free, take one". I knew the boys were bummed at not being invited to the party (tough luck, kids) so I told them to choose a piece. 3Po and Jammy had been quarreling, so when Jammy grabbed the biggest chunk, 3Po immediately tried to block him, saying in his best commanding voice,

No soap for you!

I couldn't help laughing. Maybe love of Seinfeld reruns is hereditary.

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Kaye - SandwichINK said...

Great story. Had me laughing and I didn't even like Seinfeld! :)