Size Matters

Being a twin must be a mixed blessing; on the one hand, you always have a playmate, but on the other hand people are always comparing you to your twin, which can make for some intense competition. 3Po and Jammy are best friends, but they also fight constantly, and are always trying to out-do the other. Alfie and I like to stress that each of our kids are good at different things. Still, the competition continues....

3Po: No Jammy, that's not right!
Jammy: Yes it is.
3Po: No, it's not, and I know it. I have 1 inch more brain than you, because I'm 1 inch taller.

You can't really argue with that, but Jammy was unfazed. His reply: Yes, but our heads are the same size.

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Unknown said...

These two crack me up! :)