Help End Hunger with Quaker Oats

3Po and Jammy were understandably bewildered when I handed them the Quaker Man's head on a stick.

3Po: Mama, who's this man?

Me: That's the Quaker man. You know, the one on the box of oatmeal that we eat. I want you to put his picture in front of your face like a mask, and I'll take your picture.

3Po: Why?

Me: Because Quaker Oats has enlisted my support in their Start With Substance campaign. They're teaming up with Share Our Strength to help end childhood hunger in the US. For every Quaker product UPC barcode you enter on their Quaker Facebook page, they will donate a bowl of oatmeal for a hungry child.

What's more, if I can enlist my blog readers to post their own photos with the Quaker Man and post them up on Quaker Oats' Facebook page, I might have a chance to win $5,000 to donate to the hunger charity of my choice!

And finally, if I take your picture wearing these Quaker Man masks, the Quaker Oats people will donate a whole case of oatmeal to the Urban Ministry Food Closet; you know, that place where homeless people go for food, the one we went to and gave lots of sandwiches and oranges to last Thanksgiving. So it's a win-win situation: the food closet gets a case of oatmeal, you get some funny masks to play with, and I get to show your cute faces off to everyone who visits the Quaker Oats Facebook page.

OK, I didn't really say all of that. I said something more like: Because you're so cute. Now sit still and let me take your picture.

So how about it? Go to Quaker's Facebook page, download a photo of the Quaker Man, print it out, then have your photo taken with it -- only wholesome photos, please, as wholesome as Quaker Oatmeal. Like don't go drawing mustaches on the Quaker Man or use his head to cover your bare breasts or anything, these photos still need to pass Facebook's standards. Then come back to this page and leave a comment with the link to your photo. If I get the most links out of all the participating bloggers, I'll win $5,000 to donate to the hunger charity of my choice!

I'll even sweeten the deal:

* Quaker Oats has given me two coupons, each good for $1.00 off any 2 Quaker Oats products. I'll award these to the first two people who take their photo with the Quaker Man, post their photo on the Quaker Facebook page, and leave a link to it here.

* I'm giving away a box of everyone's favorite Girl Scout cookie, the DoSiDo, over on Bonggamom Finds -- and you'll get FIVE extra entries if you post your photo with the Quaker Man on the Quaker Facebook page and leave a link to it here. Visit the contest post on Bonggamom Finds for more details.

Even if I don't win, some worthy cause will still get the money, but it would be so cool to be the one to choose, so please help me out.


Anonymous said...

it is good of you to do this for a good cause

ipanema said...

keep up this great endeavour. happy weekend! :)