Some hair-raising questions

So now that I've decided to cut my hair, the next question is, which hairstyle? And because I am the Princess of Procrastination and the Sultana of Surfing, I played around with my hairstyle at to see what I would look like with short hair. Take a look at the photos above and see if you can answer the following questions:

1) Which is my original hairstyle?
2) Which one would I never, ever in a million years, choose?
3) Which one is my homage to Katie Holms?
4) Which one is would Alfie never, ever in a million years, choose for me?
5) Which one should I choose?
6) Which one will I choose?

(Click on the photo to enlarge it if you have trouble viewing).

I'll post the answers, along with a photo of my new haircut, once I get it done. I'll have to think of some kind of prize to give to the first person to get ALL the answers right (note: even I don't know the answers to some of these questions yet!)!


LTM Mom said...

I like B or E... but then you'd have the same style as me! ;-) Don't do F or D!

Good luck!!

WkSocMom said...

here i am procrastinating too :)

1) that would be I
2) maybe D
3) F
4) maybe H, sort of cute, but looks like an "updo"
5) I like C, B, E, G
6) I'll guess B

Good luck!

Mari said...

B or G. I won't recognize you after this! I'm impressed you are doing this.


Alfie said...

1) original hairstyle? - I
2) never, ever in a million years, choose? - F. Please, not F.
3) homage to Katie Holms? - Katie who? [joke]
4) Alfie never, ever in a million years, choose for me? - F Ugh!
5) Which one should I choose? - C is the best. I also like D but what's going on round the back?
I'd like to see the view of the back of the head because I don't like it when the hair line continues upwards (viz. Victoria Beckham).
I also quite like H (but that's coming from a person who would vote for dreadlocks!)
6) Which one will I choose? - C

Tanya said...

I like A or G. My criteria were:

a. you look great with that style
b. that style looks reasonably easy to maintain without massive amounts of time and product investment

Looking forward to the result!!

Anonymous said...

Either A or C but then I don't know what that will look like if you don't blow dry it....William says you should go for D although he says you might look like Posh Spice if you do (not sure if that is good or bad!) , Tippie

Tricia said...

E is my favorite style in general (and what I would choose for myself) but since you have a bit of wave, I would pick G for you because it would be cute with a wave. That would make all the ends stick out. Kind of youth and wispy.

Tricia said...

Oh, I forgot to say, I was interested in donating locks myself a few years ago since I often grow out my hair and then cut it. But after I researched into it, I realized that they don't take permanently colored hair. *sigh* I have to color my whites and so that rules me out. I was sad!

Anonymous said...

We want C.
Its character suits you and it looks good. =)

Erica and Cesar

Anonymous said...

G, Ana, G!! It looks chic, softens the jaw, looks great with the glasses and will grow out well. Plus it looks like the cut that's easiest to take care of. Big noooo to E. You look like an alien! C is ok but kinda...matrona...and it makes your face rounder and you'll need to blow dry...
Well-meaning 2 cents from someone with similar hair :)
- Risa

modmom said...

how fun ana!
i tried to do one of these, but i couldn't copy the pic onto my blog. it was a different website.
i just chopped my hair short + was going for G, but got A. i think your long hair I is fantastic, but anything would look fantastic on you. please no bangs.

p.s.i can get you in to the macheads movie if you're at macworld. it starts at 6pm. email me if you want to go

Maria B said...

I would say C or G. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I pick C! B is nice too but will need lots of blowdrying...
Katya likes G & H....
Nico likes E & immediately "x"-ed H "she looks crazy!"


PS. I can just hear Risa's voice while reading her comment!

purplegirl said...

Which celebrity was E? I kinda liked it on you.