What's your PC's name?

In honor of today's random holiday, Name your PC Day, I'd like to introduce our home computers. Actually, the only reason we've named our computers is to distinguish them within our home network. Hence the oh-so-interesting names: We have Alfie's laptop (named "Alfie's laptop") and 2 desktops, named "Casita" (Spanish for small house, so named because it's our main home computer) and "Homeexp" (English for homeexp, and I have no idea why we named it that).

Ho-hum..... maybe I'll name our next PC Gertrude. And why not? People name boats and motorcycles and cars. They name guitars and foosball tables and other objects that they're passionate about. I'm sure a lot of people out there are obsessed about their Powerbooks and iPods and other gadgets, so I'll bet there are a lot of original PC names out there. Do you have a name for your computer (besides "worthless piece of shite")?

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