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I'm buying loads of green beans tomorrow because it's appearing at least twice on this week's menu. Actually, my kids could probably eat it every day. They love crunching on the crisp, green stalks, lightly steamed with just a hint of salt. They dip it in mayonnaise, ranch dressing, hummus, ketchup or enjoy it au naturel.

* Chicken adobo with green beans and rice
A traditional Filipino dish where chicken is simmered in soy sauce, white vinegar, black peppercorns and a bay leaf. It totally stinks up the house but it's totally worth it. The sauce goes so well with white rice that if the chicken runs out, you can still enjoy just the sauce and rice for leftover night.

* Mac-n-cheese (homemade, not out of the box!)

* Broccoli and ham quiche

* Spareribs, green beans and cornbread

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ana! I love the smell of adobo cookin' on the stove. And so does everyone who happens to come over while I'm cooking it. For an extra tasty batch substitute white vinegar with balsamic vinegar!

Monica Casey