How 7-year olds make money

The Pea and her classmates have been brainstorming on ways to raise funds to buy food and supplies for a class party, and their teacher is incorporating the process into their Social Studies unit on markets, producers, consumers and services. The goal is for each child to raise at least $5.00 by providing some sort of service to their parents. Here is what The Pea came up with:

1) Clean up after my brothers (Cost: $2 per mess).
2) Read to my brothers (Cost: $0.50 per book).
3) Brush my hair with the bad brush (Cost: $0.80)
4) Make really cool crafts for you (Cost: $1.00 per craft).
5) Make things for the poor (Cost: $0.10 per 10 crafts).

Yup, that's my little Warren Buffet.


PastormacsAnn said...

I like #3! "with the bad brush." LOL

Irene said...

What a smart pea! Mommy, you'd better be prepared to cough up the dough! ;p

Shangrila said...

"Brush my hair with the bad brush"-ROFL! I like her spirit of service, willing to charge less for crafts for the poor than for crafts for Mama-lol!