Free Shipping? Count me in!

As you know, I've stopped my ranting about American Girl products. It feels kind of nice to surrender to the strong riptide and float out to sea with the other American Girl lovers. Never mind that the economy is in the pits and we can't afford to buy her another one. I'm giving up any more hangups about the AG stuff that the Pea already has. And if I won a million bucks, I'm not going to harbor any feelings of guilt or conflict when I go out and buy The Pea five American Girl dolls and their bedroom sets to boot.

Their standard Free Shipping Code (GIFTSHIP) ends today. However, since I'm all important and well-connected and stuff, I've got another Free Shipping Code that is valid until November 29th. Just enter Key Code # PA82024.

Go take advantage! There's no minimum for either code, so even if The Pea doesn't get any American Girl dolls or clothes or accessories, maybe there's room for a book or two in that Christmas stocking....

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