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This week for dinner, I'm featuring two well-loved English dishes, fish and chips and sausages and beans. Let me regroup those: (fish and chips) and (sausages and beans). Actually, you could eat all those things together but I prefer to spread the cholesterol and great taste over two days instead of one.

* Fish and chips
We are big fans of fish and chips. Alfie and I have searched all over London for good fish and chips, but other than one divine place at St. Katharine's Docks (which we can't remember the name of), we've concluded that the art of fish-and-chipping is slowly dying (Although the Harry Ramsden's takeaway is pretty decent). The best fish and chips in the world is actually right here in California, at Barbara's Fish Trap in Princeton-by-the-Sea. The stuff I make at home is nothing like genuine F&C (we don't have a deep fryer, so there is no way I'm going to get anything close to Barbara's), but we like to pretend we're eating the real thing.

* French bread pizza with caramelized onions, mushrooms and goat cheese

* Sausages and beans

* Beef with broccoli and rice

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