What a great great-grandmother!

God bless grandmothers! Especially grandmothers who knit and sew. When our kids were born, Alfie's mother got her knitting needles busy; the resulting baby blankets and sweaters were the envy of all my friends.

Now The Pea has these American Girl dolls, and like the great grandmother (and technically, she is the dolls' great-grandmother) that she is, she has knitted some bedding for them. The new blankets go perfectly with the bunk bed that Alfie made for her out of the scrap wood lying around the garage. I think the whole ensemble is as cute as anything you could get from a store! The dolls certainly like it, and so does The Pea.

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Heart of Rachel said...

Those are lovely dolls. If I were still a young girl, I'm sure I would have wanted one like that too. I agree, bless creative grandmothers.