Sweets to the sweet

Who doesn't love candy? We don't have any candy in the house right now, so I ransacked our photo archives and came up with a collection of some of the sweetest things in my life:

Our holiday gingerbread house.

Ice cream cones with candy sprinkles, the more the merrier!

This is the only kind of candy corn that I like.

What do you suppose he's been eating??

Have a sweet day! For more candy, click here.


Vered said...

That gingerbread house looks great!

And, I have to agree on the candy corn. :-)

Gattina said...

I prefer the sweet kids to the candies, lol !

Heart of Rachel said...

Great photos. I'm sure the kids enjoyed those ice-cream with sprinkles on top.

That's a very nice gingerbread house.

Heart of Rachel said...

I remember the Pea wearing that adorable costume last Halloween. Lovely!