Jammy dives in

I'm sure Jammy isn't the youngest person ever to jump off a diving board; somewhere in the world there's probably a 1-year-old who's toddled off or a 9-month-old who's crawled off. But I'm proud of him anyway. Maybe it's because he looks so absurdly small compared to the length of the board and the distance from the water. To me, it was like he was jumping off the cliffs of Acapulco. I was terrified he would slip and hit his head on the way down, but Jammy showed no fear whatsoever. He just cautiously made his way to the edge and calmly stepped off into his teacher's waiting arms. That's my boy!


Whirlwind said...

While our local lake doesn't have a diving board, it does have two floating docks - one at 5-6 feet and the other at 18 feet. Moe (age 2y, 10m) has shown no fear jumping off either. Usually it's just the closer one into our arms, but the last time we were there, the lifeguard, who we've made friends with and is a potential future babysitter (and who also pulled Moe out of the lake one of the first weeks it was open when she went under) swam out to the far dock with her and let her jump there. Of course she wears a life preserver, but she jumps anyway.

Yaj Jammy for taking the plunge! It takes alot of guts to jump. There are many kids at the girls lessons who will not jump.

Unknown said...

its so cute the way he carefully walked toward the edge with the matching doing doing of the board!

JHS said...

Way to go, Jammy! Great job!