So I Think I Used to Dance

Now that House and Grey's Anatomy are deep into reruns and the 6th (or is it 7th?) American Idol is many months away, I'm thanking the TV gods for So You Think You Can Dance! I got hooked on the show when the first season aired two summers ago, and this year promises to be better than ever. I know Dancing With The Stars is all the rage with most people, but in my opinion who wants to watch B-list celebrities do C-rate versions of ballroom dances anyway? The competitors on SYTYCD are trained dancers (along with some untrained ones with phenomenal natural talent), so no performance is truly pathetic or painful to watch.

One of the reasons I like the show so much is that it reminds me of one of my previous lives (actually, that was quite a number of years ago, so make that previous previous previous lives), when I was dancing several hours a day, nearly every day, doing the things I see them doing on TV (but definitely not as well as they do -- I'm not a self-deluded egomaniac like those American Idol freaks). I haven't danced in years, but when I watch the contestants I can feel my toes pointing and my torso straightening as my body yearns to move like theirs does. I haven't danced in years, but when I watch the show it reminds me that the dancer in me is still there, biding her time, waiting for the right opportunity to come out again.


Anonymous said...

I first caught the show last summer and immediately loved it. When I started seeing commercials for it this season, I literally jumped for joy. I totally agree that this show is awesome to watch. The dancers are SO GOOD and I'd really prefer to watch SYTYCD over most other shows on tv. I don't even like American Idol (I know, it's illegal to make such comments) but LOVE SYTYCD.

Anonymous said...

- So why not sign up for a dance class and rediscover your old self?
I, for one, would certainly like to connect with that previous woman (I've seen the pictures! LOL)

Anonymous said...

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