Six weird things about me

I've been tagged by Sassy Mom for a meme, 6 Weird Things About Me. Here goes:

1) I've already mentioned my freakishly big feet. But I also have a freakishly big head. Finding a nice, dainty ladies' hat for tea parties would be next to impossible for me; the only hat I have that fits me well comes from Next in the UK (and it's from the mens' department).

2) When I was a kid, one of the milk teeth I lost somehow ended up wedged in my inner ear canal. I just woke up one day with a missing tooth and an earache. The doctor said it was next to impossible for me to have wedged it so far into the canal, whether asleep or awake. Hey, the mouth, ears, nose and throat are all connected, right -- maybe I swallowed it and it ended up in the wrong tube? Or maybe the tooth fairy put it there?

3) Speaking of teeth, I frequently dream about my teeth falling out. It's always a very stressful dream, almost a nightmare. My husband says it means I have too much on my plate and I'm losing control. My cousion says it means someone in the family is going to die -- and to counteract it, I have to go out into the garden and bite the bark of a tree. Not that I hate my relatives, but I prefer the weird explanation.

4) Speaking of dreams, I talk in my sleep (according to Alfie) and I have been known to walk in my sleep at least once (according to my sister, who was visiting me once, and saw me get up from bed in the middle of the night, walk out of my studio apartment door, walk right back in, and get right back into bed).

5) I used to LOVE Michael Jackson. Beat It, Billie Jean and Thriller were my all-time favorite songs of 1983. In my defense, I was just a kid. And the MJ of yesteryears bears no resemblance to the present-day freak we see in the news.

6) 3Po and Jammy, being twins, were obviously born on the same day. But did you know that their patron saints, St. 3Po and St. Jammy, also share the same feastday, May 3? I had no idea of this when we chose their names, it was just one really weird -- but nice -- coincidence. (OK, this one's not really about me but I thought I'd share it anyway)

Was that weird enough for you?

I'm tagging no-one and everyone. If you want to tell the world what's weird about you, post it up on your blog and leave a link so I can visit (or post it up here, in the comments section, if you don't have a blog).


SASSY MOM said...

I guess everyone has their own weird things...

As to your no.3, I also have the same weird dream ... my teeth falling out and not only that ... they get crushed! then I wake up feeling if my teeth are still intact!

Thanks for playing along.

~Michelle~ said...

I am curious...have you ever secretly gone out and bit the bark of a tree???

bonggamom said...

Haha! Michelle, I actually haven't ever done that, and fortunately my relatives have been spared :)

Kathleen said...

I too have had a recurring dream of my teeth falling out!

Andrew B. Noselli said...

Dreaming about teeth falling out translates into financial worries ! From the dream translation handbook.

Kidazy said...

Teeth falling out dreams are also related to telling lies. I have that same nightmare ALL the time but I don't tell big lies lol just little ones ie: sure that dress looks great on you!