More Mommy Brain

A commenter on my previous post about mommy brain correctly pointed out that daddies' brains get turned to mush as well. That got me thinking about all the times the stresses of parenthood and life have afflicted Alfie and myself with Parent Brain. I'm not talking about the obvious ones, the ones that happen so often that they almost don't count, like
  • Leaving my purse (and drivers license) at home, then getting into the car and driving around all day.
  • Going anywhere without extra diapers or wipes or water or snacks.
  • Getting into the car, driving in "autopilot" mode and forgetting where you're going.
  • Putting oatmeal into the microwave in the morning and forgetting it until it's time to reheat dinner in the microwave.

No, I'm talking about the goof-ups that occur on particularly stressful days, the more spectacular examples of how spaced out parents can be. Like my perpetually late friend, who proudly showed up, on time for once, at another friends' house for a kids' birthday party -- on the wrong day. Here are some of our memorable ones:

  • Forgetting to pick The Pea up from school.
  • Taking The Pea to ballet lessons on the wrong day.
  • Putting 3Po in a corner for a time-out and forgetting he was there (to his credit, 3Po meekly stayed in the corner the whole time)
  • Putting the twins to sleep in the wrong cribs (despite their howling protests, this mistake was not recognized until The Pea wandered in and asked, "Why have you put them in the wrong beds?")
  • Letting Jammy go out of the house in sandals and bright pink nailpolish on his toenails.

Does anyone else have any funny stories of parent brain? Like misery, mommy brains love company, and it would be great for my morale to know I'm not the only one out there. Leave a comment here or write about it on your blog and leave me a link so I can drop by!


SASSY MOM said...

Hi, I enjoyed this post of yours!

I remember one time, my son went out with a different pair of sock. Good thing the other was gray and the other black ... Fashion statement! hahaha!

Btw, hope you don't mind ... I tagged you!

deedee said...

Blogger just ate my comment. Grrrr

I have parent brain, bad...not long ago I found myself standing in line at the post office in my fuzzy wool house slippers, I forgot to put on my shoes before going out...

mom2ag said...

Haha, love the one about the twins in the wrong crib. I'm surprised that they care! Here're mine.