Seven Best Things I did This Year

On this last night of 2006, I find myself looking back on the events of the year. Here are seven of the best things I did this year:

1) Started blogging -- In April I joined the Silicon Valley Moms Blog and began blogging for the first time ever. And I find that I really enjoy it. It gives me something to do that doesn't involve directly interacting with my kids, the first thing that I can see myself doing after I finish this chapter of my life as a stay-at-home-mom. It also exercises my brain, the part that I put on hold after I quit my last job. I find that, just like a long-unused muscle that is just being used, my brain is waking up slowly. Sometimes it's really hard to come up with something to say, sometimes it's difficult to organize my thoughts into a complete, coherent and interesting piece. But just like a muscle, the more I use my brain to blog, the easier it gets.

2) Started my own blog -- After a couple of months of blogging for SV Moms Blog, ideas for blog topics started popping into my head, right and left. But I found myself wanting to write about more personal things that I didn't feel were suited to that blog's character. Like I wanted to brag about the amazing things my perfect kids did in the day. Or the amazing lip plumper/gloss that I found. And I wanted to post photos, lots of photos. Things that friends and family (or anyone wandering around the blogosphere) would be interested in. So I started this blog. And here I am, still enjoying this blog and fully intending to continue it in the new year.

3) Did a half-marathon -- ok, I walked it, not ran it. But it's still an accomplishment for me because I've been really sloppy with the treadmill workouts, keeping my runs to a mile or so, or walking for 40 min. or less. I didn't think I could do the 13.1 miles without some serious pain. And at the time, I was having seriously weird heart murmurs. But I took it easy, and with 3 other friends, finished in 3 hrs. 45 min. And we did it, and it was much easier than I thought. My feet were a bit sore, and my thighs hurt a bit the next day, but that was it. And the best thing is, my completing this half-marathon has already inspired several of my friends -- two to finish their own half-marathons and two to start running.

5) Found a kids' table -- I found an old adjustable height table near the dump at my daughter's school, all ready to be thrown out. I asked the school secretary if I could have it, and she said, sure. So Natalie and I carried it to the van (it was HEAVY). It seats 8 kids comfortably and is just the right height. Now our kids eat at that table and Graham and I sometimes join them (squatting in their little kiddie chairs) and we get to eat together as a family. This table also enabled me to do.......

4) Threw a kickass Halloween party -- this is the third year straight that I've thrown a Halloween party. I guess that counts as a tradition already. Here's to building new traditions!

7) Fit into my old jeans -- I first got them in 1993. 'Nuff said!!!

6) Started going out and dressing up more -- 2006 was a great year for my nightlife -- with a regular babysitter, Graham and I were able to go to movies and adult parties together, which led to more nights we were willing to stay at home while the other got a girls'/boys' night out. Which also led to more times I was able to dress up. Which led to my feeling more confident, sexy and happy. Yay!! Let's face it, how can I ever get to become a Bongga Mom if I don't put on my pearls and lipstick once in a while, and slip into something a little sexier than jeans and tees?

Well, that's my list. What's yours? Hope you have no trouble filling in your list for 2006, and here's to a fun-filled 2007 with lots of happiness, lots of success, and lots of things to blog about! Happy New Year everyone!

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