Helping Out, Part 2

Today I took Natalie with me to The Family Giving Tree's warehouse, where we sorted and wrapped presents for two hours. Natalie helped by choosing the presents to wrap (mostly Bratz dolls, Dora dolls, and other girly things that she probably was secretly yearning for), choosing the wrapping paper, and handing me tape. More importantly, she knew where these presents were going and she was happy to know that we were helping to make another child's Christmas a happier one. Afterwards, she asked me if we could do it again before Christmas and again next year. She said she liked the feeling of helping people. That gave me a warm feeling inside -- not only was I volunteering for a good cause, I was helping to instill a sense of empathy and civic awareness in my daughter. We will definitely make this an annual event.

Speaking of a good cause, I've added some links on this blog to The Hunger Site and The Ecology Fund. Click on those links and some money is donated (by ad sponsors who have banner ads on the site) to the specified organization. The sponsors pay, and it costs you nothing, all you have to do is click. How's that for an easy way to make a difference!

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