2017 Disneyland holiday trading pins

You know you're a Disney geek when you can spend a full day inside a Disney park without getting on a single ride. There are so many other things to entertain you: the shows, the parades, the shopping, the dining experiences... and the pin trading.

If you like Disney characters and memorabilia, you'll love Disney pin trading and collecting. Half the fun is shopping for bright, shiny, new pins, and the other half is trading pins. You can trade with other pin collectors, or you can trade with cast members around the park. We started collecting and trading pins in 2012, and have been enjoying it ever since.

Disney releases new pins year round, but I have a soft spot for the holiday pin trading, because Disney's holiday pin designs are so stinking cute (click here to view some of Disney's holiday pins from past years).  Also, I love the fact that you can't get these pins at any other time of the year. Here are some of the cutest Disney holiday pins that I ran into this year:

3Po likes to collect Mickey head pins, so this Mickey snowman pin is right up his alley.

How cute is Dumbo as a Christmas elf?

Vintage Mickey and Minnie are always favorites in our household, and their plaid outfits on this pin are so bright and festive.

It's nice to see that Disney recognizes that Christmas isn't the only winter holiday celebrated in the US. This Chip & Dale Hanukkah pin is so adorable, and I love the starry card backing. I do wish they had more than 1 or 2 Hanukkah pins, though; the silver and blue is completely dwarfed by the red and green.

I also found a few pins that say Feliz Navidad. I love how Ramone painted his body in Christmas colors!

I first learned about the Disney gift card pins three years ago. Disney releases them every holiday season and they make great presents for any Disney fan. Basically, you buy a Disney gift card and it comes with a free limited edition holiday-themed pin. For the past 2 years, the gift card amount has been $75; this year, they raised it to $100. You can use the gift card at any Disney store or at any restaurant or food cart inside at the Disney parks or hotels. You can even use the gift card to buy park tickets! It's not hard to spend $400 on Disney park tickets, food, and merchandise, so I decided to get all four versions of the gift card.

Last year's gift card pins featured mittens, and the year before featured brightly wrapped presents. The 2017 pins are gingerbread themed, with Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, and Donald. This year, even the gift cards themselves are holiday themed, shaped and decorated like sweaters. I love all four versions!! 

I saved the best for last: this beautiful Limited Edition Viva Navidad pin. I like to buy one pin every time I visit the Disneyland Resort, and this was the pin I chose. The Viva Navidad parade is on my Top Five Must Do things during the holidays at the Disneyland Resort, so I was really delighted with the design.  Also, this pin goes perfectly with my 2016 pin which also has a wreath design. 

Below are more of the Christmas 2017 Disneyland Resort trading pins. Which one is your favorite? Happy pin trading!!

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