Valentine's Day Printables: Yoda One For Me

In a recent Silicon Valley Mamas article, my friend Robyn writes of a recent DIY Valentine backlash.  I'll admit, I've noticed it too -- which makes it even weirder that I'm going in completely the opposite direction.  Since The Pea was in kindergarten, I've been content to buy cheapo $3-for-24 Valentine cards from Target or Walgreens, but this year I just couldn't resist trying a few of the DIY ideas I've seen on Pinterest.  Yesterday I made some You Rock Valentines with some leftover candy from 3Po's party, and today I made some Yoda Valentines.

3Po loves Yoda, and he chose this one on Pinterest.  It's really more of an assemble-it-yourself rather than a do-it-yourself kind of Valentine:  Just print and cut out the cards, cut two slits above and below Yoda's hands, slip in a Pixy Stix rod (you can also use a glow stick or a pencil if you don't want to give out candy), and tape the back to secure.  It's almost as easy as buying the valentines at the drugstore!

Here is an image file that you can download and print:

You can get up to 8 of these cards on an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper or cardstock (sturdier paper is better).  Below is a PDF document that you can download from my Scribd account:

May the Force be with you!

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