Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss' birthday is exactly one week away from today, and my kids are excited to celebrate!  Okay, they're actually quite a bit older than they were in the Cat-In-The-Hat-photo above, but they still love Dr. Seuss. They watched The Lorax twice on the plane from Manila to San Francisco, and shhh... don't tell them I'm writing this, but they still ask me to read The Lorax out loud to them at bedtime!

For those of you who love Dr. Seuss (and who doesn't!), here are some fun ways to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday:

Have some Green Eggs & Ham!  If that grosses you out, top regular scrambled eggs with broccoli -- or do away with the eggs and ham entirely, and bake a Green Eggs & Ham cake.

One Fish, Two Fish Math (I think Rainbow Goldfish Crackers must have been invented by Dr. Seuss!).

Dr. Seuss Word Scramble

Watch PBS KIDS!  They are debuting new episodes of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That ("Rumbly Tumbly / Planet Name Game” and  “Top of the Sky / Jiggle Bones"), as well as a new online game commemorating Dr. Seuss' birthday week.

Join my Dr. Seuss giveaway!  You could win a DVD copy of The Cat in the Hat: Safari, So Good.  The giveaway ends March 3, so hurry and enter!

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