Linky love: everything you simply must know before heading off to BlogHer

BlogHer starts tomorrow (okay, the conference actually starts on Friday, but all the fun starts tomorrow), and I am beyond excited. I've spent the better part of this morning writing out my Plan of Attack (with so many sessions, parties, special suites, and activities, you're going to need one, or risk running around like a headless chicken), figuring out what to pack, stocking the fridge with food, writing out instructions for Alfie (camp pickup/dropoff times, approved snacks, approved tv shows, playdate commitments, and other valuable information I keep in my head) and catching up on laundry so I don't have a mountain of it waiting for me on Sunday.

Despite my BlogHer words of wisdom and glib assurances that everything will be fine, I still feel twinges of nerves at the thought of entering a huge room filled with 3,000 people. Even though this is my 4th BlogHer and I know a lot of people, I also know I'll end up spending quite a bit of time by myself. I'm not good at introducing myself and making small talk, and I'll probably be one of those people checking my phone and tweeting, in an effort to make it look like I'm not feeling awkward and alone.

One way I try to relax and bolster my self-confidence is to read other people's tips, advice and words of wisdom for BlogHer 2011. Quite a few posts have been written on the subject recently; here are some of the ones I enjoyed the most.

And for future conferences....

Before you head off to BlogHer (or if you're already in San Diego, while you're still relaxing in your hotel room, before all the madness begins) you simply must read these posts!


Testosterone Treatment said...

Have an absolute blast! I love San Diego, it's a beautiful place to visit for something like this. I wish I could've gone... but my day job didn't allow for it this year... Boohoo!

Backup Camera System said...

I was born and raised in San Diego, how have I never heard of this? Is it there every year? It sounds great, at the Civic center I assume? How was it?