My BlogHer 09 sob story, or Why I Want to Go

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BlogHer 09 is coming up in Chicago, and if it’s anything like last year’s BlogHer, I can’t wait!

Actually, I might have to wait. A full BlogHer 09 conference pass costs $300 and a room at the Chicago Sheraton will run $199 per night. So even if I use flight miles for the plane ticket and share a hotel room and eat peanut butter sandwiches round the clock for 3 days, BlogHer 09 is going to run me at least $600. That’s a lot of money for someone who thinks $60 for a family-of-five dinner is extravagant. So I might have to wait another year. Or two. Or three.

Reality sucks, but the Reality is that I Really. Want. To. Go. Last year I had a taste of what BlogHer was like (I attended a couple of BlogHer parties and the second day of BlogHer 08 -- since it was in San Francisco, I didn’t need to book a hotel room, I just hitched a ride up with a friend both days); this year I want more. It was more than just a social event, it was a networking event, a learning event. So much good came out of last year’s BlogHer. I listened to advice from the best in the business. I started relationships with companies that make great products for kids and moms. I figured out what to do with that pesky built-in flash on my camera. I met bloggers that I knew and admired from afar; I made friends with ones I didn’t even know existed. And oh, I did something for myself, for my interests, and for my future.

There, I said it, blogging is my future. I don’t know how big a role it’s going to play – I’m not an important or influential or well-connected blogger by any means, and my expected annual income from blogging remains firmly in the 3-digit figures – it’s definitely going from less to more, and going to BlogHer puts me on the right track. To this, let’s put it incorrectly, stay-at-home housewife, blogging has been a blessing. It has given me an emotional outlet, a way to stay connected with other adults, a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth. I’m enjoying the feeling of making a tiny bit of money from doing this thing that I love. I love it when my kids and husband tell other people proudly, “My mommy is a blogger”.

All is not lost. I’m applying for a BlogHership. I’m joining each and every Win a trip to BlogHer contest I can find on the internet (if you know of any, let me know!). But if I don’t get to go this year, I’ll survive. Maybe I’ll go next year. Or the next. I’ll still be blogging then anyway, so I can wait.

Thanks to Label Daddy and MomDot for giving bloggers like me the chance to attend BlogHer09 !


Anonymous said...

I was in San Francisco last year when BlogHer '08 was going on. Even thought of crashing a party or two but I wasn't that into it that I would interrupt our family vacation. That said, I think it would be neat to go one year. Maybe BlogHer Dallas? ha hah a

bonggamom said...

Shame I didn't know you were there, you could have left kids + hubs in the hotel at night and I would have snuck you in to one of the parties with me!

Kim Moldofsky said...

If you register early, you save $100 (but, yes, will kick yourself later if you win a trip). You can take on extra roommates- a third or fourth if need be. I was in a room of four last year and we all survived. And left as friends. Also, they provide meals and snack breaks. If you had to survive on BlogHer meals and a snack or two of your own it can be done.

Also, I think you are better connected than you realize. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!! I hope you get to go!

Anonymous said...

...I forgot to put my name...