Happy New Resolutions

Like most people, I start the year with the standard "I will lose ten pounds" resolution. This year I'm expanding my scope to include goals for all aspects of my life. I can think of lots of great goals for 2009:

Resolutions related to kids and family
I will be more tolerant of the kids' messes and more cheerful when asking them to clean up.
I will play a board game with them at least once a week.
I will make sure they drink more water throughout the day.
I will organize and downsize their toy collection.
We will try a new kind of cuisine at least once a month.

Resolutions related to laundry
I will do laundry at least once a week.
I will take the shirts out of the dryer and fold them before they wrinkle.
I will hand wash items that say hand wash.
I will water the Venus flytrap regularly.
I will file our papers, statements and receipts as soon as I receive them.

Resolutions related to Alfie
I will feign show more interest in motorcycle racing
I will open the shower door inwards, not outwards, so water doesn't drip all over the floor.
We will spend more time talking and less time watching TV.
We will go to bed by 11:00PM every night.
I will stop hogging all the space in bed.

Resolutions for myself
I will get a good haircut.
I will enroll in a dance class.
I will bike more and drive less.
I will keep looking for new opportunities to blog.
I will lose 10 pounds (I had to put that one in).

It's a long list, I know. Anyway, it's nice to write it down and pretend I can get it all done. What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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Anonymous said...

I love that you broke these out. I think that would be helpful for me to do as well. I def. want to focus on my kids more this year and spending more quality time.