Quitting American Idol

I missed the premiere of American Idol. After 7 straight years of devoted watching, I think I'm going to try and give it a rest. Here are some reasons why:

* I've already got several shows I like to watch -- House, Grey's Anatomy, Little Britain USA -- and I don't need another TV time-sucker.

* The show has gotten progressively more boring each year. I'm tired of Paula's rah-rah platitudes, Randy's "Dawg" lines, Simon's tight shirts and the audience consistently booing Simon's honest critiques. It's so predictable.

* Even though they're supposedly minimizing the "Bad Auditions" segments this year, they're just not funny anymore, because they're not deluded, just attention seeking. Why should I waste my time watching people who obviously are not serious about auditioning, and just want a few seconds of fame?

* Nigel Lythgoe has left the show as producer. He may be as mean as Simon and have the worst set of false teeth ever, but I love him on So You Think You Can Dance. I have a sneaking suspicion that the show will go downhill now that he's gone.

* I'm tired of no-talent, delusional skanks like Katrina Darrell getting picked over real talent (which the TV audience probably even never got to see).

Just about the only fascinating thing left to watch was Paula's strange behavior. But now that new judge Kara DioGuardi has arrived, Paula might be motivated to shape up. So there goes that. So just like the Idol Gives Back episode, I think I might take a little break. I think. AI is a bit like junk food -- you know it's bad, but it's hard to stop bingeing on it.

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Photo Cache said...

Oh so you're one of the 2% that AI lost in viewership from this year's initial showing as compared to the previous year.

It's not as much fun I must admit, but I still have much interest in me in the show having jumped on the bandwagon on season 4 so this is only my fifth season :)