A Taste of BlogHer

BlogHer 2008 was certainly a feast for the eye and the palate as well as the mind. The food served during the sessions was actually standard conference fare (think pastries and fruit for breakfast, boxed sandwich lunches, veggies and chips and candybars for snacks). For the good stuff, you had to look outside the box.

At Guy Kawasaki's Kirtsy/Alltop party, I spied what I thought were ice cream sundaes, but upon closer inspection turned out to be dessert dishes layered with polenta, pulled pork or chicken, and cream sauce.

They also served a humongous dish of paella. Fortunately for me, the paella did not have shrimp in it so I was able to enjoy it to my heart's content (well, almost; it took a lot of willpower to go easy on the saffron rice).

Back at the St. Francis, the Sesame Street Suite was decked out like an old-fashioned penny candy store, with barrels brimming with candy, stacks of nuts and caramel popcorn, and these cute little cupcakes decorated like Sesame Street characters. Way too much icing, of course, but the kids loved the cupcakes I snuck home to them (and now I need to go and clean out the icing from my handbag).

On the Shutter Sisters Photowalk through Chinatown, we passed stalls and stalls of brightly colored candies and fruit.

At the closing cocktail at Macy's Union Square, we were served some really interesting, nicely plated nibbles. These appetizers

Starbucks unveiled their latest drink, the Vivianno chocolate-banana smoothie.

The desserts were small and sweet -- meringue sandwiches with cream centers.

The meringues came in all kinds of catchy, eye-popping colors. Each one had its own ever-so-subtle hint of flavor; I still can't quite describe what they were. What a sweet way to end the conference!


Heart of Rachel said...

It must have been a wonderful event. Those meringue sandwiches look tempting.

Anonymous said...

MMm.. those french macarons look delightful! I love macarons!

Meryl said...

Ok, now I *have to* go to BlogHer next year--if only for the food!

Meryl said...

Ok, now I *have to* go to BlogHer next year--if only for the food!