Swag, Glorious Swag

Swag .... according to my fellow blogger Heather, the word is an acronym that stands for Sealed With A Gift. According to Promosapien, it stands for Stuff We All Get. Also known as schwag (which apparently is also a term for low-grade marijuana), promotional items or tchotchkes, it's basically free stuff that company marketing departments send to people to increase awareness of their product or service.

In my case, Swag stands for "Seriously Wicked, Amazing Gifts". And "SVMoms, With (undying) Adoration and Gratitude".

Because I have the Silicon Valley Moms Blog (and PR genius MJ in particular) to thank for all the wonderful swag I received to celebrate BlogHer '08. I love freebies of any sort, so these swag bags are making me pee in my panties. These are high-quality items that hardly deserve the label tchotchke. You won't find me tossing this stuff into the trash. And there is so much stuff that I can actually classify it.

Click here for a closer look at the SV Moms Swag Bag.

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