Why we love to grill

This summer has been our family's Summer of the Grill; we've gotten it out for lunches and dinners more times this summer than all our other summers combined. Usually it sits in a corner of our garage, gathering dust; this year, Alfie's planning to pave over a corner of our garden to make a permanent outdoor place for the grill. I don't know what took us so long to get into it, but I have a feeling this grilling thing is going to become a habit. Here's why:

1) The heat of the stove doesn't make the house feel like an oven.

2) The house doesn't smell like food.

3) For once, Alfie gets to cook dinner for me.

4) Fat drips off the grilled food, so it's healthier.

5) All the food we grill is fresh -- no high-fat-high-sodium canned/prepared/frozen food -- so again, it's healthier.

6) The fat dripping into the grill makes neat flames shoot up, so Alfie can pretend he's cooking in a teppanyaki restaurant.

7) Everything, even hotdogs, taste better when they're grilled.

8) So the kids eat everything that we eat.

9) Even all the vegetables.

10) And somehow, eating dinner outside all together feels like a special event.


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Yeah for grilling! You present a very good case to keep the grill going year-round as well ;)

Heart of Rachel said...

I love grilled food too because it's healthy. It's true that everything taste good when grilled, even hotdogs. I also like grilled veggies like grilled eggplants.