Parenting and Politics

The Silicon Valley Moms Blog has been getting a lot of coverage lately, both around the blogosphere and traditional press, due to one of our more opinionated writer's posts criticizing Elizabeth Edwards' decision to take their two young children on the campaign trail with her and her husband, presidential candidate John Edwards.

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Edwards, so I could not help adding my two cents to the debate and posting some comments myself. I don't really want to revisit everything has already been said, but it's an interesting, passionate debate and I invite everyone to go over and follow it.

Speaking of debates, another mommyblogging site -- the Chicago Moms Blog , an affiliate of the SV Moms Blog -- has issued an invitation to Barak and Michelle Obama to meet for a mommyblogging roundtable. The purpose of the event is to discuss issues relevant to parents, not to debate the Obamas' parenting style or parenting choices, but given the publicity/notoriety/controversy that has surrounded the topic recently, I wouldn't be surprised if someone brought it up anyway. Whether they end up talking about it or not, I do hope he responds!

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