Power and Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is a powerful woman. To begin with, she's incredibly intelligent, articulate, confident and charming. That's power in and of itself. In addition, she's got the power that wealth and success and name recognition brings. Even now, she has the power to make her voice heard, to influence people.

If her husband makes it into the White House, she's going to be the biggest influence on the most powerful man on earth. Which would make her just about the most powerful person on earth.

And you know what? That's fine with me. I think she is a person who would use that power wisely. She has experienced enough trials and tribulations in her life to know that there are some things that all the power in the world cannot help you with. Both times I have met her, I have found her to be a genuinely warm, compassionate and likeable person. She is passionate about making a change and making a difference, and I do hope America gives her a chance to do so.

Good luck with the campaign, Elizabeth -- and more power to you.

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Beau Brackish said...

Amen! She is very inspirational. I hope the Edwards make it to the White House. They have my support, though I would settle for just about any Dem who will get us out of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Glad you poste about her. I support her!

Karen Travels said...

What a great woman you choose to write about. She is a cancer survivor, right? Thank you for this post. Women power!!

Becca said...

I do believe she would indeed use her power to do good! Thanks for featuring her - I wish her all the best :)

Tumblewords: said...

She is an inspiration! Still dealing with cancer, she is open and forthright. I wish her well! And I'm with Herb - change the current administration!

Granny Smith said...

I'm hoping John Edwards is the choice of the democratic party, and his wife is one of my reasons for hoping so. Whoever is chosen, I hope, hope, hope that they plan to end the Iraq war - and will be elected to do so.

As you can see, I am full of hope. (I do know a few other words.)

Good post!

Anonymous said...

Ah the power of the blog.
I feel as if I were introduced to this woman by a close friend.
Thanks for visiting.

nonizamboni said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Elizabeth Edwards, who makes me feel so in awe and a little sad because of the battle she's waging. But I totally agree that her husband is the best choice. I've also met him last go around and was duly impressed. Power with grace.
Nice post.