Thirty-eight lunches to go....

Honeydew melon, olives, cherry tomatoes, string cheese, Ritz Crackers

Spring Break is over, and after nine days of leisure it's difficult to go back to the daily school schedule.  It makes it even more difficult because the days are getting sunnier, the air is getting warmer, the daylight is lasting longer.

Summer is almost here.... except it actually isn't.  We just say it's almost here because we so badly want it to be.  We still have eight weeks of school left -- or to be more precise, we have 7 weeks plus 4 school days since school lets out on a Thursday.  Plus 3 school days, not 4, since today's school day is pretty much over.  That's thirty-eight more school lunches to pack.  That's 114 servings of fruit for my 3 kids.  And 228 slices of bread, assuming I pack a sandwich every day.

Can you tell I'm ready for the schoolyear to be over?

Raisin bread, peanut butter, mandarin oranges

Avocado, ham and tomato sandwich, apple slices, yogurt raisins, chocolate truffle

Ham and artichoke pesto sandwich, cherry tomatoes, chocolate brownie

Grilled cheese sandwich, freeze-dried cinnamon banana chips, cheese puffs

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Asianmommy said...

Cute! How do you leave messages on your toast?