Celebrating Twelve

Three years ago I wrote a blog post about how sad/scared/sentimental I was about The Pea turning nine.  Ha.  If only I knew how good I had it back then.  Now her younger brothers are nine, and this beautiful creature has turned twelve.  Twelve.

I feel like I'm doomed to wail for my lost baby every time she turns a year older, forever and ever.  But as Alfie likes to say, this really isn't about me. I can't be mourning for the sweet young child I've lost because there's a strong, confident girl gradually taking her place.  Before I know it that girl will be gone too, so I'm going to enjoy her while I can.  The Pea is excited to be turning twelve; she has so much to do, and she's going to do it all so well!  Now that's something worth celebrating.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Pea.  You've come a long way, sweets.  May you forever be climbing to new heights.

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Ed said...

Tribute to your daughter that brings a smile to my face.