What's for lunch this week?

Lentil, mushroom and tomato wrap, blueberries, pineapples

I rarely pack hot lunches.  Getting hot food to stay hot is just too much of a challenge for me, so until each classroom in school gets a microwave oven, almost all of the lunches I pack are going to be some variety of cold sandwich.  But for the kids' sake as well as mine, I try to avoid using the square sliced bread each and every day.  My favorite variations include bagels, english muffins, tortillas, lavash, pita and nan.  I've put together a week's worth of lunch ideas that are anything but, um, square -- hopefully you'll find inspiration and use these lunches as a jumping-point to creating lunches that work for your family!

Salame and cream cheese on a bagel, pepper strips and cucumber slices, blueberries

Blueberry waffle with honey and butter, goldfish crackers, blueberries

Ham and lettuce rolls, grape tomatoes, pumpkin bread

Cold soba noodles, strawberry yogurt covered crackers, blueberries

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Asianmommy said...

Mmm...cold noodles is a nice option.

Amanda said...

Do you have a recipe for the lentil wrap?? I'd love to know how you make that!