Our non-traditional Thanksgiving greeting

Thanksgiving is full of traditions:  dressing in your holiday best, gathering with family and friends, feasting on turkey and cranberries, going round the table and telling everyone what they're thankful for.  I didn't grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, but over the years that I've lived in the US I've come to enjoy the holiday and appreciate everything it stands for.

This evening the five of us will be gathering at our own Thanksgiving table, but it won't be a traditional dinner.  Instead of the backdrop of a beautifully decorated home, we'll be at a restaurant with slot machines chiming nearby: we're at our favorite resort/casino in Reno.  There will be no bow ties, sweater vests or pearls; we'll be in jeans and tshirts and butt-UGGly boots (hey, it's cold up here in Reno).  We won't be having a turkey -- or maybe we will.  There's bound to be turkey at the hotel buffet, along with beef with broccoli, fish-n-chips and every kind of food you can think of.  We've already told each other what we're thankful for, because it was 3Po's homework a couple of days ago, and he had to write down five things from each of us -- so our main pre-dinner entertainment will consist of randomly picking a long word or phrase and writing down all the words that we can derive from that word or phrase (FYI it's the best way ever to pass the time while waiting for food to be served at a restaurant:.  The kids are AWESOME at it, and Alfie and I are always astounded at all the words they manage to find that we've missed).

But our informal, unconventional celebration doesn't make it any less of a celebration, nor does it mean we don't cherish the day for what it is:  a chance to spend quality time together and give thanks for all the blessings we've received throughout the year.   We still give thanks for our home.  Our health.  Our  happy life.  Most of all, we give thanks for having for each other.

So on this very special holiday, however you and your family choose to celebrate it, I hope you find happiness and love and a host of memories to treasure!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving a day late!