What's for lunch this week?

 Crackers, ham & cheese skewers, cucumber slices, ranch dip, vanilla yogurt, brownie

Recently I bought a bunch of bento lunch box supplies: silicone baking cups, plastic picks, and plastic sauce cups.  They certainly improve the presentation of the food and make it a whole lot more fun to eat!  Even my kids aren't immune to the cuteness factor.  Of course, garnish can be more than just for appearances:  the blue sauce cups in the photo above are garnished with a cilantro leaf and orange sprinkles.  Sure, it looks nice, but I also did it because I didn't want the kids dipping their cucumbers into vanilla yogurt or pouring ranch dressing onto their chocolate brownie!

Mini pancakes with syrup, bananas, kiwi, pineapples, oranges

 Cheese & tomato quesadilla, corn & tomato salsa, grapes

Green salad with blue cheese dressing, dried edamame, clementine orange

 Grilled cheese sandwich, dried apples, granola bites

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