What's in your backpack?

I like to travel light, but the 13-lb weight limit for Virgin Atlantic's carry-on bags in economy class really makes things challenging.  I have roll-on bags that weigh almost 10-lb without anything inside!  And with all the electronics (not to mention their chargers) that I like to carry with me, I really had to go with my ultralight version when figuring out what to take along for my flight to the UK.  Here's what I packed with me:

UK phone
Extra battery
Chargers for all the above
Outlet converters
Medicines (benadryl & ibuprofen)
Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash
Lip gloss
Water bottle (empty, of course)
 (Not in photo:  my wallet, passports, and the smartphone I used to take this photo)

Is it obvious that my blogging needs trump my beauty needs? 

What do you take with you on an airplane?

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