Seven Days of Dinner, April 9-15

The Pea celebrated her 11th birthday last Friday, and we celebrated with a trip to Tahoe for some skiing and poolside fun. Actually, the trip was for Spring Break and her birthday just happened to fall right in the middle of it, but that didn't stop her from commandeering the whole trip as though it was a 3-day birthday celebration. I told her the only person allowed to celebrate their birthday for more than 1 day is me (May is officially My Month since both my birthday and Mother's Day are in May), and our family tradition of letting the birthday celebrant pick the restaurant for birthday dinner was good enough.

You know me, all bark and no bite. Of course she'll get to call the shots for a couple of days! In fact, I've planned the whole week's menu to feature dishes she loves. This week, we'll be eating lots of cheese, no rice or olives whatsoever, and if I really feel like indulging her, lots of dessert. Of course, the dishes below might change, depending on how well actually I know my daughter!

Here's what's for dinner during the first week of The Pea turning 11:

Chef's salad
Roasted red pepper soup
Caprese quesadilla
Fetuccine alfredo
Beef tacos
Homemade macaroni and cheese (with cauliflower snuck in!)
Veggie burgers

Happy Birthday, Pea!

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