Seven Days of Dinner, April 23-29

We've got our first lemon of the season! Our dwarf lemon tree only gives us lemons every 2 years, so we're always glad when our tree bears fruit and we can enjoy lemons any time we want. In fact, I'm so excited at the thought of this year's lemon haul, I want to have a whole week's worth of meals featuring lemon! Here's what I'm thinking:

Tri-tip roast with baby spinach salad drizzled with olive oil and lemon
Pasta with lemon cream sauce and capers
Apricot glazed baked chicken with lemony dilly cucumber salad
Roasted lemon chicken
Lemon-chicken orzo soup
Fish-n-chips (with a wedge of lemon!)
Lemon couscous with chickpeas, cilantro, raisins & almonds

I should probably wait till we have more than a single lemon on the tree, but I've been inspired, so I can't wait. I'll just get lemons from the supermarket and always repeat this week's menu once more lemons on our tree ripen. I just hope we don't get sick of lemons before then!

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