Easter Treats

Now that the kids are older, Easter Egg hunts are a thing of the past, but I still like making Easter baskets and treating them to little candies and toys. I asked around on Twitter, although I received some great suggestions for older kids' Easter treats (books, money and lottery tickets, for starters!), in the end I stuck to what the love the best: Cadbury's creme eggs, a yellow Peep (with the bottom dipped in dark chocolate!) and a little toy. I got 3Po and Jammy some Lego Star Wars mini-sets that came in plastic models of the Death Star and Tattoine. I figured the planets looked enough like Easter Eggs to fit the bill. For The Pea, I added a Kelly doll dressed as the Easter Bunny.

The kids really enjoyed their Easter treats -- but I doubt if it made them as happy as their Easter cards made me:

Happy Easter, everyone!

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