What's in your pantry?

People love to post about all the junk that's currently in their wallet, purse, diaper bag, fridge, car trunk, closet, or any other storage space. This morning I checked my cupboard to see what I could whip up for dinner, and found myself wondering if most other families had the same things in their cupboards.

Here's what's in our cupboard today:

First, the staples:
Assorted pasta and noodles
Assorted breads (sandwich bread/bagels/baguettes/tortillas)
Assorted crackers
Assorted raw nuts
Ground coffee
Hot cocoa
Gummy vitamins
Dark chocolate
Dried fruit
Boxed or canned soup
Peanut butter
Canned tomatoes
Canned beans
Baking supplies (flour, sugar, corn syrup, cocoa, etc..)
Spare bottles of ketchup, mayo and salad cream

I always keep snacks for the kids to take to school, but buy different things every time I go shopping so they don't get too bored. This time around we've got:
Granola bars
Mandarin fruit cups
Freeze dried fruit
Cheddar bunnies
Boxed juice (not shown in photo, but I've gotten into the habit of keeping it with the mixing bowls so the kids can get to it without reaching for a stepstool)

From time to time I buy processed foods to give myself a break. Currently that takes the form of:
Cake mix
Pesto sauce

Finally, life would be too boring if I didn't stash away a treat now and then!
Caramel popcorn
Girl scout cookies
Super Mario tart candies

Does this pantry look anything like yours? So, what's in your pantry?

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