Face Off: how to emphasize your best features and put your best face forward

This week, BlogHer is talking about Looking Your Best, and they've asked me to share my own tips for framing and showing off your face. I'm no expert, but I do happen to have less than perfect skin -- so I've come to rely on a few old standbys to help draw attention away from any breakouts I'm having, and put my best face forward. Here's what I like to do:

Prepare your canvas
It all starts with great skin. Unfortunately, that's something I'm not blessed with, so my key words are Minimize and Conceal. I moisturize all over my face and neck, then apply a tinted concealer, blending in with matte powder, only to affected areas because I prefer the natural look, and I don't want to look too made up.

Emphasize one feature on your face
If eyes are the windows to your soul, it's worth investing into some window dressing. Erin Bailey's post on BlogHer's Life Well Lived section has some great tips on emphasizing your eyes and eyebrows -- but as an alternative, you can also draw attention to any one of your other gorgeous features, like your impossibly high cheekbones (with a sweep of shimmery blush), or your graceful neck (with a beautiful necklace). Personally, I'm partial to luscious, red, red, kissable lips -- especially when I've got nicely manicured red nails to match.

Choose the right eyeglasses or sunglasses
You wouldn't put a cheap, ugly plastic frame on the Mona Lisa, would you? The perfect pair eyeglasses should emphasize your beautiful eyes without hiding them, while the perfect sunglasses should cover your eyes, they should also draw attention to them, leaving people wondering what lies behind them. The perfect pair is different for everyone, but you'll know you've found yours when the focus of attention is on your eyes, not your glasses.

Wear an interesting hat
Hats are double-duty divas; not only do they shade your face from the sun's rays, they also speak volumes about your personality. Hats can say anything from I'm quirky to I'm elegant to I'm adventurous to I'm relaxed to I'm athletic to I'm a raving Packers fan. Okay, sometimes they say I like toilet seats, but even then, they still draw attention to your face.

Oooh, shiny...
Bling is a time-honored tactic for getting people to notice whatever it is you want them to notice, so add something sparkly: diamond earrings, glitter eyeshadow, a rhinestone hairclip, a silver charm necklace, even a discreet nose stud.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for framing and showing off your beautiful face? Leave a comment on this post, or join bloggers everywhere at BlogHer's Life Well Lived section -- and be sure to enter the Life Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

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Asianmommy said...

I like that hat idea--really brings out your personality.