Alfie through the years

Today is Alfie's birthday, so I thought it would be fun to feature some photos of him when he was a boy. He looks like he's about two in this photo. Looking at the color of his hair, you can sort of understand why The Pea came out blond, despite my dominant dark-haired gene.

A very solemn little boy. Love the Christopher Robin style sandals!

Alfie always had that European leg cross, even when he was young.

Here's Alfie kicking around a ball in the field near his parents' home; every other summer, our boys play in the exact same field.

I'm so glad Alfie gave up this hobby.

Check out the long, flowing locks! Alfie still loves to play the guitar, but unfortunately those locks are long gone (although I don't think I'd miss that particular hairstyle too much).

A lot has changed throughout the years, but the eyes are still as blue, and the smile is still as sweet. Happy Birthday, Alfie!!

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