The Road Trip from Hell

I've been asked by Shell and BlogHer to share one of my most memorable roadtrip stories. I'm happy to be included in their review program (Who doesn't love a compensated review where you don't even review the product?), and I don't need to be asked twice to talk about the time we drove up to Tahoe in a snowstorm. Alfie loves to use this story as a testament to my pigheadedness, but every time he tells it the snowstorm gets worse and worse (it has become the Mother of All Blizzards at this point), so I'm taking this as a chance to set the record straight. Here's what really happened:

One of our most memorable road trips happened in the dead of winter, during our annual trip to Lake Tahoe. The closest town to Hwy. 80, Truckee, is only about 215 miles from Palo Alto, which means we can get to our favorite Soda Springs Resort in about 3.5 hours (and just over 3 hours if we're lucky with traffic, and ignore all bathroom and snack stop requests).

The day before our trip we checked the weather forecasts, only to be greeted with snowstorm warnings. We had already rescheduled this trip twice because of bad weather, and I was absolutely crushed. I refused to believe Tahoe could have three straight weekends with hellish weather, and I pulled a mini tantrum. We won't have any winter weekends left! I'll have rebook the hotel again! We're going! All those skiers and snowboarders go every weekend, don't they? It'll be fine, it's just a warning...... Against his better judgment, Alfie agreed to go ahead with it.

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