Gratitude Challenge: Day 12

It's funny that I just recently blogged about my teachers' old "hotter than hell" lectures, because this weekend, it is hotter than hell.   And I've got my period, which means I'm ache-y and cranky and not in the least inclined to see the glass half full.  But just tonight, as I was tucking The Pea in bed, I mentioned that I was feeling bad because I was less than nice to my sister when I spoke to her on the phone just a few hours before.  I said, more to myself than The Pea, "I hope she's not mad at me".  The Pea looked at me and said, "Oh, no, mama.  She's your sister.  That what families do, they look out for each other." 
That's my girl.  She's living the Gratitude Challenge every day of her life, and she doesn't even need instructions.

Optimist: someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it's a cha-cha. ~Robert Brault,

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