The evolution of a BlogHer card

One thing that veteran BlogHers like to tell BlogHer newbies is, Pass Out Business Cards. So when I attended my first BlogHer last year, I followed their advice.. This is what they looked like:

Cute, huh? See the beautiful black-and-white photos of my gorgeous kids, artistically laid out on the chic, lime-and-brown background? Unfortunately, once I received it, I realized it's the sort of card you'd hand out to your mommy friends, not to fellow bloggers. This is a card that says "If you want to schedule a playdate with child A, B or C, then contact me at the email address below" rather than "Remember me? Come visit my blog!". Not surprising, considering I had it made at

So even before BlogHer '08 began, I realized I needed to ditch the kids' photos and add the other sites that I blog for. But there wasn't time to order more online. Unfortunately, instead of doing a rush order at Kinko's, I cheaped out and modified some generic name cards that I already had:

I know, I know, it's awful. Not only do the colors CLASH, I didn't even put the sticker on straight. At least the first one had cute photos to look at. In retrospect, this was just a waste of time. I can imagine what the people at BlogHer '08 thought when I handed it to them: Gawd. How lame. Twenty bazillion bloggers are handing me their cards and she expects me to keep that? Visit her blog? Hah. I shall surreptitiously drop this card into the trash once she turns around. Actually, I won't even bother with the surreptitious part.

Fellow BlogHers, I humbly apologize for insulting your visual senses and for using up precious resources and adding to the landfills with that card.

This year, I took the whole name card thing much more seriously. I don't have money to splurge on a graphic designer, but I wanted a card that said something about me, a card that gave people a way to connect the card to the person who handed them the card. I won a gift certificate to from my blogging friend Kim in February, and it took me all the way until June to think of a design I liked. (I probably would have spent a couple more months agonizing about it if the certificate hadn't been set to expire in June). And here's the result:

The other side of the card has my photo on it and a list of the five sites I blog at. Much better, I think (I hope). It gives something unique for people to associate with me, gives a little taste of what my writing style is like, and gives a way for people to connect with me online. I don't think I'll be cringing with shame when I pass these out at BlogHer '09.

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Brimful Curiosities said...

Nice card!

Laurie/MobileMommy said...

I love it! It definitely would catch my attention (although I actually liked your first card from last year too - other than I'd probably skip pics of the kiddos on your card!)

Hope to meet you at BlogHer and get one of your cards!

kimberly/tippytoes said...

I love it! I went with Moo cards for the second time around. (Assuming they arrive in time!)

Katie in MA said...

Those? Are fabulous. And are making me (with my measly few hits per day) more than a little jealous! :)

Marie said...

I love your card!!! Cute, great colors (lime and chocolate -- two of my favorite things) and funny!

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Love the cards! Since I decided at the last minute to go, I modified the ones from last year but next year I'm takin' it to the next level with something like yours. Awesome!

Madonna Cramer said...

I was wondering if anyone was trying out the Poken's for exchanging info, seems like a great idea but not sure how many people have them.

modmom said...

fantastic card bonggamom!

i make mine on my printer with hp business card paper :)

Keonte' S said...

I love how your cards have evolved. I liked the one of your kids, but your explanation of them was correct...more for setting up a playdate.

I do, however, love the new cards. The definition is wonderful.

Great job and have fun at BlogHer.

Keonte' S said...

I entered the Paper Culture giveaway.