What's in your wallet?

.... sorry, no Capital One credit card. But I do manage to squeeze a lot of stuff into my wallet. Technically, it's my purse, but last year I got tired of shlepping around a huge bag for my kids to throw their junk into, so I downsized. My streamlined purse contains just the basics I need to get around (plus a few things I need to get rid of):

Driver's license
ATM/debit card
credit card (just 1, I'm a good girl!)
health insurance card
$60.79 in cash
2 Starbucks iTunes cards (both expired)
3 library cards (1 for each of my kids)
5 membership cards (REI/Lego/Costco/AMC Stubs/AAA)
2 business cards (neither of which are mine)
8 gift cards (I have no idea which ones are already used up)
assorted receipts (this varies in quantity)
hair ties (also varies in quantity)
checkbook (isn't that so old-lady?)
pen (this is constantly being taken from me and replaced with a different pen)
USB drive (because you never know when you'll come across a hard drive and want to download something from it)

Not in photo:
car key (because I've lost misplaced them)
phone (because I used it to take the photo)

Sometimes my purse will also contain a granola bar, or Alfie's wallet (when he doesn't have a jacket pocket; he doesn't like sticking his wallet into his jeans). There's enough space for a tube of lip gloss or a powder compact, but I hardly ever use makeup, so unless I'm at a party or on a date with Alfie, I leave it out.

Am I missing anything really important? What's in your wallet?

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