Seven Days of Dinner, April 2-8

Normally I write my "Seven Days of Dinner" posts on a Sunday or Monday, so I have a plan in my head for the next seven evening meals. But my mind is on spring break this week, so I'm a day late. Fortunately, I already know I won't be cooking the whole week. Later this week we're going on our final ski trip of the year, and even if we weren't, we'd be going out to a restaurant to celebrate The Pea's 11th birthday this Friday. And since this Sunday is Easter Sunday, I don't have to think too hard about what to eat for dinner (if Alfie and I had our way, it would be chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs, but unfortunately we have to set a good example for the kids, so Easter ham it is).

Here's what's cooking (or not cooking) this spring break week:

Cream of broccoli soup and crackers (that was last night's dinner)
Beef taco salad in a tortilla shell (tonight's dinner)
Beef stroganoff (beef two days in a row is a rarity in our home, but I have to use up all the beef before we leave!)
Pizza Margherita at our favorite restaurant in Reno
The Pea's Choice (i.e. whatever she wants for her birthday!!)
Breakfast sandwiches (veggie sausage patties with a poached egg and cheese, melted on an English muffin)
Honey glazed ham with mashed potatoes and steamed veggies

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