3D? Not for me.

With the kids out of school today, I thought it would be nice for them to do something other than draw on the floor beside me while I blogged the day away. We've got season passes to Gilroy Gardens expiring at the end of the month, but I was too lazy to make the 2-hour round trip drive, so I took them to see Megamind instead. They really wanted to see the movie, so they forgave me for reneging on my promise to take them to Gilroy Gardens one last time, and we all had a good time. The movie was fun, our seats were great, the popcorn was buttery, the candy was free (taken from the kids' Halloween stash) -- what more could you ask for?

A 3D picture, maybe? Nah. We deliberately chose to watch the non-3D version of Megamind; in fact, when given the choice I will always opt for regular vision over 3D vision. Am I frightened of things shooting out in front of my face? Unwilling to pay the 3D movie premium? Stuck in the past? None of the above. I hate 3D movies because of the glasses you have to wear. They never, ever, ever fit properly on top of my own glasses! They tilt to one side, which distorts the picture and gives me a headache. And since I don't have a particularly huge nose, there isn't space for two pairs of glasses on them, which means the 3D glasses keep falling down, or stay so far away from my eyes that my peripheral vision gets distorted, giving me even more of a headache.

You'd think the 3D movie folks would realize that tons of people already wear glasses, and maybe provide some 3D glasses that lay properly over regular glasses. I know such glasses exist, because I have a pair of sunglasses that do the exact same thing. Of course, whenever I wear them, Alfie pretends he doesn't know me, because he says they're hideous and I look like a person recovering from cataract surgery. But seeing a movie isn't a beauty contest, so I don't care what I look like, as long as I can see the movie properly (besides, it's dark in the theater, so no one can see me). I realize these might be too expensive to produce en masse, but they could have a small number of special 3D glasses for glasses-wearers like me. I'd be happy to pick them up at customer service and leave my id so the theater folks have some guarantee that I'll return them. Until they do, it's the regular, old-fashioned movies for nearsighted me.

And you know what? I might not be alone on this: about 80% of all Megamind showings were in 3D, but the non-3D movie showing we wanted was the only one that was sold out!

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Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

I'm not a fan of 3D movies either. I wear bifocals which makes it even harder to really see the 3D. The glasses don't fit over my glasses either which just contributes to the problem.