Not your ordinary barbershop..

I took this photo somewhere in San Francisco; the reason I'm not exactly sure where is that I was delirious with pain, having walked about 50 miles over the past 3 days in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure, with 10 miles still left to go.

But I digress. The fact is, this sign pierced the fog of pain and exhaustion that surrounded me and totally made my day (okay, finishing a 60-mile walk totally made my day, but this was icing on the cake). Any English person -- or anyone who has watched Austin Powers -- knows that one does not name an establishment "Shag Salon" and trumpet that name out to the whole neighborhood, and expect respectable people to patronize them. Or perhaps they did it deliberately, in the hopes that curious people would visit, hoping to find more than the usual haircut and blow dry? As they say, a man only needs 3 things to be happy: a shit, a shave and a shag.......

My apologies for the blurriness.... that says "... eggplant with Galic Sauce". Now, is that supposed to be a pronunciation guide? Maybe the owner is actually Bostonian and thinks everyone should say "Garlic" the way she does: "Gahhh-lic".

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